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Bespoke photographic memories

Photography is what we term what a photographer does. It’s not the medium, the style, the price, or whether it’s hung on a wall. What counts, what makes it art, is that the individual who created it overcame obstacles, rejected the voice of doubt, and created something worthwhile. Something risky. Something human. Photography is not in the eye of the beholder. It is in the artist’s spirit.

For Amjad, Photography is more than a way of making memories – it is a profound art form which allows him as an artist to express himself, with the only boundaries being the ones which he create. When Amjad creates a composition, he allow the viewer to come into his space and go on a journey with him. Amjad, who was up in Kerala, has always been interested by art and photography. Instead, he studied engineering while also embracing the elements of photography. He continued to practice photography as a pastime, which ultimately evolved inside him. In these years, Amjad has worked closely with India’s leading companies and brands on commercial shots, portraits, and projects to augment brands with customized visual touches.

Welcome to Time Warp byAmjad 

“..I adore discovering what lies beneath the images I take, the stories I tell, the memories I create, and the experiences I cherish.

My images and movies are the product of sentiments that cannot be defined in words, as well as my ongoing desire to learn more about photography and filmmaking and improve professionally.”

From a 2022 interview of Amjad with The Border Of a Mind Studios, Dubai